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Turnkey Solution

KAIROSPACE can provide satellite turnkey technology for CubeSat and Small or Medium Satellites. In general, our company can deliver small satellite ready to launch in 18 months. We can cover a broad range of standardized satellite solutions and customized solutions in diverse fields and applications. Our solution can be used in wide-field from science to military defense purposes. At this moment we have a turnkey solution for Earth Observation and Telecommunication.

Above Earth


Depending on the mission requirements, we also offer other options than a complete turnkey solution. We can provide basic satellite platforms for clients with their own payloads. These platforms generally consist of the main structure, avionics stack including an on-board computer, power system, communication systems, attitude control system, and solar panels.


Payload and Subsystem

KAIROSPACE can provide development and manufacturing services for all types of components of a spacecraft. The process can be done by our own team of experts or by cooperating with specialized partners. The application areas of our payload solutions range from narrow band telecommunication and RF monitoring payloads to remote sensing payloads as well as on-site scientific research instruments. In addition, we have a long-standing relationship with leading space laboratories and institutions, to provide high-level payload services confirmed by top-level scientists.


Ground Station

The KAIROSPACE Ground Station is a low-cost, turnkey solution that is designed to communicate with satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) that operate in either Amateur frequency bands or commercial bands. The frequency bands covered are S-band, UHF, and VHF. The Ground Station consists of an antenna and 19" rack which houses the transceiver, rotor control, and computer that make the system very compact. The general parameters of Ground Station were designed based on requirements and our calculation to provide optimal service for end-users.

Satellite Dish

Consulting Service

KAIROSPACE has a strong self-motivated engineer team with experience in Space technologies for more than 25 years. Our specialists were involved in more than 100 different space projects in the World. Technology provided by our team was used from near to deep space, from the Sun to Jupiter. For our customers, we can provide a high class of services in space analysis, structure designing, optics construction, and electronics testing. Our specialists will help any of your space dreams come true.

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Carbon 3D Printing for Space Solution

Our company offers a 3D printing service using carbon composite materials that are stronger than steel but 7 times lighter. Particularly, our carbon 3D printer is the only one in the world that can print lattice structures, giving us the advantage of printing lighter yet more powerful structures. This method of production can be used for key industrial-grade parts of a satellite or launch vehicle.

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