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22mm Camera

Wide temperature high-performance passive self-focusing camera for solving agriculture, civilian and scientific tasks of remote sensing. This camera can work with stable MTF in a range of temperatures from -60 till +60℃. 22mm aperture and compact size of this camera made the possibility of installing it on the CubeSat starting from 3U size.

90mm Camera

High-aperture optics for solving any commercial and scientific tasks of remote sensing. This camera has been specially optimized in terms of size, weight, and data rate for use on space platforms such as CubeSat. Any CubeSat starting from 6U has the ability to use this camera at full power.

250mm Camera

Our 250mm Camera is capable of in-orbit configuration GSD up to 2.5m and spectral bands up to 4 bands. Developed as a payload of 16U CubeSat, an Ultra-compact telescope can be used for Earth Observation and for Space Observation.



CubeSat / SmallSat

Our CubeSat platforms are designed according to the architecture and form of CubeSat standard. They are equipped with an advanced attitude control system and high-speed Ka-band transmitter allowing a wider range of applicants, especially remote sensing.


Transport and launch container

KAIROSPACE provides Deployer which is designed to be compatible with most launch vehicles. It is designed and manufactured for the purpose to mount and protect the satellite during the launch into space, and deploying it on orbit by the command from the launcher.  It features simple and straightforward integration with both internal CubeSat and the launch vehicle. Deployer has flight heritage since 2015.

Deorbit System

Hydrogen DS / Water DS

We offer to Deorbit system which provides simple solutions to CubeSats that need to be removed from orbit after a lifetime. It does not require an on-board power supply to function, it is lightweight and consists of analog components which are reliable and easy to implement.


Star Tracker

Attitude Control

Fully autonomous and equipped with an on-orbit, self-calibration system, the active cooling system on a sensor for increased performance when required. All lenses are made of glass approved for space and coated with anti-reflection compositions capable of withstanding up to 100kRad of dose without decreasing the transmissive capacity.

UHF/VHF Transceiver

Communication System

The KAIROSPACE UHF downlink and VHF uplink transceiver is a full-duplex communication system for CubeSat TT&C applications. The radio can operate in commercial and amateur bands of the UHF/VHF frequency spectrum. It is low power, low mass, and highly configurable, offering the flexibility of changing data rates and frequencies in flight. Fight heritage has proven since 2006.

Black Coating

Ultra Black Metal Surface Coating

KAIROSPACE developed light-absorbing Black Coatings based on chemical deposition technologies. It can be used in internal parts of optical systems, UV, Visible, and IR light-absorbing tapes, baffles, cold shields, and other IR detectors parts, etc. Our coating is unique to provide an ecologically clean, inorganic, and completely nontoxic product.

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